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Locals Express Disapproval of Tourists Engaging in Public Intimacy at Sea

A video circulating online depicting foreigners engaging in sexual activity on what appears to be a surfboard in the waters off Karon Beach has sparked strong criticism and backlash from locals.

The footage, shared on the Hot Jung Phuket ('So Cruel' Phuket) Facebook page, has garnered over 13,000 reactions and nearly 2,000 comments since its posting yesterday evening (April 7).

Initially, many comments ridiculed the couple caught in the act, while others condemned their behavior.

"Foreign men and women don't care about anyone. If you're not interested in public places, in the middle of the sea, Karon Beach, go for it. It's hot, you'll get the first scoop!" remarked one commenter.

"Come visit Thailand and have money to do whatever you want," remarked another. Some individuals, however, expressed indifference or even support for the couple's actions. "Not causing anyone any trouble, just pure happiness," one comment stated.

One observer noted how the person filming had to repeatedly zoom in on the distant couple to capture the incident.

As of now, authorities and local police have not issued any statements regarding the incident.


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