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Pattaya Bar Staff Assaulted by German Man Over Unpaid Bill

A troubling incident unfolded in Pattaya when a bar manager and staff member reported an assault by an alleged German customer who refused to pay his bill and became physically aggressive. On April 7th, Ms. Anchisa and Ms. Warunee filed a police report at Pattaya Police Station.

They recounted that around 2:00 AM, a German man, accompanied by his Thai wife, entered their bar on Soi Lengkee, ordered beers, and then refused to settle the bill of approximately 1,000 baht, claiming it was inflated. Despite attempts to reason with him, the situation escalated, with the man reportedly assaulting both women, including shoving, slapping, and pulling their hair, before forcing them onto the street.

Pattaya police intervened promptly and arrested the man for disorderly conduct under the influence of alcohol. Ms. Anchisa expressed concern over the man's behavior, revealing that his wife mentioned he becomes aggressive after consuming more than six beers. The incident was captured on CCTV, and Ms. Anchisa emphasized the need for legal action, advocating for the man's prosecution, blacklisting, and deportation from Thailand due to perceived danger he poses.

The bar staff's determination to pursue legal measures was underscored by their submission of CCTV evidence to support their case. They emphasized the seriousness of the incident and stressed their intent to utilize all available legal avenues to ensure the man faces consequences for his actions and is prevented from repeating such behavior. The reported assault highlights ongoing concerns over visitor behavior in popular tourist areas like Pattaya.


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