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Quick Facts about Thailand

Before you visit Thailand its always good to have some basic facts about the country. The Best Places to visit in Thailand would not be complete without the following must-know facts.

Traveller Fact Sheet

The Thai Baht (THB) is the official currency of Thailand. For live exchange rates please click here.

Electricity - In Thailand, plug types C and O are the official standards. American type A & B plugs can also be used. The voltage in Thailand s 220V / 50 Hz.

Drinking-Water - Water from taps is not drinkable It is only suitable for showering and brushing your teeth. Bottled water should be consumed.

The major International Airports are Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK (Bangkok), Phuket International Airport HKT, and Ching Mai International Airport CNX. For a full list of airports please see here.

Visa Information - For up to date visa information please contact your local Thai Embassy.

SIM Cards for Mobile Phones - Prepaid Sim Cards can be purchased from all major mobile phone companies - TrueMove, AIS and DTAC. Your passport is required when buying a SIM Card in Thailand.

The best time to visit Thailand is between November and early April. Not only is it the driest part of the year in Thailand, but it's also the warmest – temperatures range between 32 and 35 degrees.

Buddha - Everywhere throughout the country, Buddha is the most honoured deity. Never attempt to climb up to any of the Buddha symbols or statues, and always show some respect for the beliefs and religion of Thai-people.

The foot is considered to be "dirty" by Thais. It is the lowest part of the body. Never point your foot (especially the bottom of the foot) at someone, refer to it, or draw attention to it unnecessarily. Never move anything with your foot or step over someone if they are sitting on the floor. Sit cross-legged or fold your legs to the side, when sitting on the floor. Do not sit with your legs extended out in front of you. Avoid placing your feet on the table while sitting.

The Head - Thais consider the head as the most honourable part of the body. Therefore it is a great insult to touch a person's head, reach over it or point at a person's face. If you accidentally forget and do so, politely apologise. If necessary to reach for something above someone's head, say "excuse me" first. Touching someone on the head, even for fun "can" be offensive and is considered rude (except among good friends).

The Thai Monarchy is revered in Thailand. It is a crime to criticize the Monarchy and punishable under Thai law. As a foreigner, it is always advisable to stay clear of this topic.

Monks are highly honoured in Thailand.

According to long-established habits, each Thai male (Buddhist) should spend at least 3 months of his life as a monk. After this time though, he may leave the monkhood at any time, without having to accept any disadvantage, or contempt from the side of his family or others, whatsoever. Women must never in any way, shape or form touch a Monk. If a female needs to pass an item to a Monk, it must be either passed to another male (not a monk) first or placed down for the Monk to retrieve himself. There must never be direct contact between a Monk and a female.

Tipping - Most hotels and restaurant add a 10% compulsory service charge to the bill. A small tip for staff is always appreciated.


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