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Is the new Special Tourist Visa (STV) right for you?

In a move to try kick start the economy and international tourism, the Thai government has announced the implementation of the new Special Tourist Visa (STV). The exact date has not been announced but this is what we know to date.

  • When it does startup, it will be limited to 1-3 chartered flights per week.

  • All potential participants will have to quarantine for 14 days at an ASQ hotel. Bangkok will definitely be on the list however we are still waiting on details whether Phuket will be chosen for this. At present Phuket has three ASQ hotels and around 90 waiting for approval.

  • Each STV will allow you to stay for a maximum of 90 days. You can extend this visa by another 90 days twice by visiting immigration and paying a fee of 2000 THB. This will allow you a total of 270 days in Thailand.

How do you apply for the STV?

The Thai government has nominated the Thailand Longstay Company to handle the processing of the new STV. They will assist you in the process and help you gain approval from the ministry of foreign affairs and then your closest Thai embassy or consulate.

The requirements so far are:

  • Payment and booking confirmation for your ASQ / ALSQ hotel. Payment and booking for accommodation after your 14 days quarantine. Please note that if you own a home, have family, or will be staying with friends this is not required.

  • Health insurance covering the entire trip covering of at least 100,000 USD for medical expenses elation to COVID-19.

  • COVID PCR test no more than 72 hours before your flight along with a fit to fly certificate from your doctor.

  • Pass a criminal background test from the Royal Thai Police. (more details to follow on this requirement)

This is the current information at hand and as more information is released I will update this blog accordingly.

This Visa will not suit everyone and the initial costs of flights, insurance, ASQ hotels, and other related expenses will be expensive, however, it will suit those who have been trying to return to loved ones, retirees, or people who would normally come to Thailand each year for extended long stay holidays.


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