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Travelling during the COVID Pandemic!

It's safe to say travelling during this pandemic period is very different from a few years ago. But what exactly has changed from the moment you board a flight until you check into your hotel room? Well, a lot and regardless of vaccines or not it probably won't be changing for a while.

Flying during this pandemic has become bothersome and drawn out. For many international flights, PCR Covid tests are required no more than 72 hours prior to departing. On arrival at the airport, you will be expected to be wearing a face mask and have your bother temperature taken. At many airports the standard applied for a body temperature is 37.3C. Anything over this and you will be refused entry to the airport and denied boarding your flight. Boarding your flight will be staggered and take longer than normal. On short-haul flights, food and drink will more than likely not be served. Masks must be worn on the aircraft and on some international flights face shields as well. Departing the plane will be staggered and the rush to the front on touchdown has been eliminated (not a bad thing).

Hotels too have had to adapt during this COVID Pandemic with many hotels adapting health and safety protocols drawn up by international organisations. During the era of COVID expect temperature checks, hand sanitisers, social distancing, staggered breakfast and the end of the buffet, along with extra precautions in relation to cleaning and housekeeping. It has also seen a rise in the use of smartphone applications to present information to guests such as menus, hotel information, restaurant bookings and the ability to chat with the hotel staff in your language. This has all come at a heavy cost for resorts and I will predict this expense will be passed on to guests over time.

Below you will find an example of what hotels are doing to ensure your stay meets all health and safety guidelines.

The world of travel has changed and we will all need to adapt in order to make it a smooth ride for us all!


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