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Travelers Journey for Infected and HRC in Thailand

Traveler's Journey for High-risk Contact Tourists

Effective on 16 December, 2021

Infected Person For a Positive Case:

The hotel must report to the Health Diseases Control team (QR code turns red).

Medical diagnosis procedure and Health Diseases Control Team follows the guidelines of the MOPH.

1. For an asymptomatic or mild case, must proceed to Hotel Isolation for at least 10 days.

2. For a symptomatic case, must proceed to the Hospital Partner of the reservation hotel.

Close Contact Risk Person

Will receive an alert email from the Health Control Team. (Thailand Pass registered email)

A High-risk Contact means a person who is in close contact with an infected person without wearing a mask or PPE, and must quarantine in the reserved accommodation.

Family members, persons being in the same public areas; such as, hospital, vehicle, school, office, etc. must quarantine for 14 days and undergo an RT-PCR test 3 times: Day 0, Day 5-7, and Day 12-13.

For those who board the same aircraft, they must be sitting next to the infected person or staying within 1 meter and one party does not wear a mask and stays close for more than 5 minutes, they must quarantine for 10 days and undergo an RT-PRT test 2 times: Day 0 and Day 5-7.

Low-risk Close Contact means those who are not eligible for High-risk Contact, but must observe their symptoms for 14 days.


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