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Thailand Ranked Number 1 for Phone Scams in Asia

Thailand topped the list for receiving the highest number of telephone scam calls in Asia last year, as reported by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth). The data from 2023 indicated that scammers bombarded Thais with 79 million messages or calls, showing an 18% increase compared to 2022.

This information was shared during a seminar held on "International Fact-Checking Day 2024," organized by Collaborative Fact-Checking (COFACT) and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt emphasized the city's commitment to combating online threats and supporting initiatives to shield the public from misinformation and scams.

COFACT highlighted plans to integrate its efforts with government and private sectors, focusing on training programs to enhance fact-checking skills nationwide. The organization aims to establish seven fact-checking centers across the country, encouraging public participation in fact-checking endeavors.


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