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Testing Positive for COVID - The Rules!

Traveling to Thailand during the pandemic can be risky especially with the strict rules that they implement in relation to testing positive for COVID or being a High-Risk Contact.

There are a number of rules that have recently been issued and below you will find the dos and don'ts of testing positive for the virus.

Hotel Room Isolation Mandate

All travelers who test positive for covid 19 during their stay in Phuket will either have to be admitted to a hospital/hospitel or conduct hotel isolation for a period not less than 10 days at the hotel that they are staying assuming that the hotel participates in the scheme.

Travelers who are suitable for the mandatory ten <10> day 'Hotel Room Isolation' are required to follow these instructions:

1. A mandatory 10 days isolation period in order to record and observe any symptoms from Day 1 until Day 10. (Example: if you tested positive on the 10th January this is considered 'Day 1' with 'Day 10' being the 20th January)

2. Travelers are required to fill out a 'Health Declaration & Consent Form' prior to being allowed to conduct 'Hotel Room Isolation'.

3. Travelers have the following medical package options to select from:

  • Package A = 1,000thb (First screening + Medical Certificate only) provided by a Government Hospital

  • Package B= 2,000thb (First screening + Medical Certificate + Equipment) provided by a Government Hospital

  • Package C and D = 12,000 -15,000thb (First screening + Medical Certificate + Equipment + Medical Consultant) provided by a Government and Private Hospital.

4. Travelers under 'Hotel Room Isolation' are not allowed nor permitted to leave their hotel room/villa.

5. Once the 10 day isolation period is completed, travelers will receive a medical certificate from the hospital stating they have completed the mandatory 'Hotel Room Isolation' and are free to leave the room; however, they must follow the 'release' requirements as stated by the Doctor assigned to their case.

After you are released:

  • You are required to stay away from crowded areas.

  • You must continue to follow Covid-19 free rules & regulations, especially wearing masks in public areas.

Person of High-Risk Contact

These are mandatory requirements for a person who is considered a High-Risk Contact as follows:

Who is a High-Risk Contact person?

A person is considered High Risk when they have occupied the same room, or have been in close contact with a person who is known to have tested positive for Covid-19.

Relocate to an alternative room if staying in the same room as the infected person.

Must conduct a 7-day self-quarantine and then 3 days of self-monitor.

During this time, you will be required to conduct TWO PCR/ATK tests on day 5 or 6 and another on day ten 10:

  • Throughout the quarantine period, you will be required to remain in the room or villa until the 7th day has been completed.

  • During the last three <3> days of self-monitoring, you must avoid crowded areas and wear a mask at all times outside of the room or villa. If either PCR test returns 'positive you will be required to enter the 'Hotel Room Isolation' as stated above. If your ATK test returns positive, you could conduct a PCR test to confirm the result or immediately begin your hotel room isolation for ten 10 days.

The required tests

On the first test of HRC on day five <5> or six <b>, if you have your appointment for a PCR test, you must attend.

If the HRC person refuses to relocate to the alternative room:

In case an HRC person wishes to stay with a guest having tested 'POSITIVE' for Covid-19, you must agree to remain in self-isolation for a period of ten 10 days. During which you are recommended to conduct a daily ATK test.

In the event the HRC person who tested 'NEGATIVE' contracts the virus during this time and tests 'POSITIVE', they will then be required to self-isolate for ten <10> days from the date of receiving the test result.

In the event the HRC person tests 'NEGATIVE', they are free to return to their home country anytime. However, if this person wishes to continue their journey in Thailand, they must self-isolate for another seven 7 days and conduct an ATK test on days five 5 and ten 10

After you are released:

  • You are required to stay away from crowded areas.

  • You must continue to follow Covid-19 free rules & regulations, especially wearing masks in public areas


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